Common Concern #6

Can I get the “out the door” price quickly & without all the games?

The Royal Solution

rate term percentage financing options button
Simple & Clear Financing Options

Customers DON’T want “fuzzy” or confusing math, so Royal decided to do something about it! You don’t need to spend an entire afternoon trying to get an “out the door” quote, nor do you need an economics degree to decipher the quote you get from Royal. We have developed an incredibly simple computer print-out that can be generated in minutes to tell you what you will be paying for a vehicle.

In addition to the cash option, we also give you 9 different payment options if you decide you would prefer to finance the vehicle.

Since Royal Automotive has long standing relationships with most major lenders (including credit unions and banks), we can quickly identify where you will get the best finance rate for your loan. Royal is committed to educating you because informed customers are more likely to be repeat customers.

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