Common Concern #5

I want the most money for my trade- whether I buy from you or not

The Royal Solution

Fair Offer To Purchase Trade

We’ll buy yours even if you don’t buy from us. Our offer is based on what people just like you are actually paying for vehicles like yours right now.

CAUTION: When a dealership offers you an unrealisticly high trade allowance for your old vehicle, they are probably making up the difference some where else in the transaction (typically inflating the cost of the vehicle you plan on buying). Royal treats customers different because we offer everyone a detailed report on what the market value is for your trade-in and this amount will not change whether you decide to buy from us or not.

How many other dealerships will offer you this much clarity?

Royal uses several standard industry tools to research the market and determine a fair price for your trade-in. We then give you a written offer to purchase your vehicle that is good for 7 days or 300 miles. No pressure & no inflated trade-in games to make you think you are getting a better deal than you really are.

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