Common Concern #4

I want a FAIR PRICE that is clearly  displayed & I don’t want to waste my time haggling over the BEST DEAL

The Royal Solution

Clearly Posted, Highly Competitive Low Prices
Royal’s highly competitive prices are posted for guests & competitors to see 24/7:

  • Our hassle free price is NOT a sale or special event, but how we do business
  • We research the competition daily and adjust our prices accordingly
  • NOTHING TO HIDE! We can show market research about how our inventory stacks up against the com petition

Our price is determined by several factors including daily shopping of our competition to ensure that the customers are getting a low, highly competitive, FAIR price.

We price our cars –NOT our customers. This means that you will always see a competitive, pre-discounted price on every one of our vehicles. It may sound strange to some, but there are still dealerships out there that intentionally don’t put a price on their vehicles because they will adjust the price based on how good (or bad) of a negotiator they think you are. Royal doesn’t play this game but instead offers everyone the same pre-discounted price.

Your Price

Prices are based on supply and demand, plus the age of inventory. This is just like anything else people buy.

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