Common Concern #1

I am worried there will be a major breakdown after I buy

The Royal Solution

Warranty Forever Lifetime Powertrain Warranty at Royal Automotive Certified Pre-Owned on SpeedwayWarranty Forever!
The #1 concern that people have when buying a pre-owned vehicle: fear of the unknown.

  • Will the engine stop working?
  • Is the transmission bad?
  • Will there be unknown and costly repairs if a problem does come up?

The Royal Automotive Group recognized this concern and decided to do something about it! In addition to the rigorous standards that we uphold for any vehicle we decide to sell, we wanted to take it a step further and offer added peace of mind to our buyers. Warranty Forever is only one of the many Royal Advantages that set us apart from the rest. When purchasing a vehicle from Royal Pre-Owned on Speedway, you get piece of mind, FREE! All qualifying vehicles purchased at this locations comes with a Warranty Forever! This Lifetime Powertrain Warranty comes at no cost to you when purchasing a qualifying used vehicle under 80,000 miles, giving you piece of mind, absolutely FREE!

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